Scream Park: Halloween Fright Night




Scream Park is a Halloween Fright Night in Essex – that transports guests into a realm of twisted horror, courtesy of the award-winning minds at Hide and Shriek…this is the only Halloween Event where you can experience their unique work.

In the same way a Horror Movie makes you scream and laugh, guests can also experience those same qualities at Scream Park. Not to mention, brave individuals will face this horror for real, unlike a horror movie.

Live Action Scare Mazes immerse customers into a world of screams and laughter. Authentic sets, scare actors, and special effects bring horror to life.

Festival Midway cements the event together. Providing an area for guests to relax between scares and soak up the buzzing atmosphere. During the evening, street performers will be entertaining at set times, so that guests can experience both the street theatre and mazes in one evening.

Street Food  is available throughout the evening. Guests can enjoy a wide-selection of food in the weatherproof food court, in addition to drinks.

Scream Park Halloween Event is on hiatus for 2017. Furthermore, the event won’t be taking place at the Victoria Shopping Centre on it’s return, but will remain in Essex. Currently, daring participants can book tickets to The Seance Experience that is running this Halloween, click here for details.


The Scream Park Story So Far…

Scream Park opened in 2015 for the first time, and was the second Halloween Event by Hide and Shriek. As shown above, the team at Hide and Shriek put together a large-scale event that was enjoyed by over 2000 people. The event featured three attractions, each with a uniquely twisted theme;

The I’Scream Factory  guests are taken on a tour of an Ice Cream Factory, that is run by the infamous Gordi Dipples. Consequently, guests stumble onto the secret recipe…humans! Customer Notice: experience is not suitable for those with a fear of Chainsaw Wielding Ice Cream Men.

Boiled – daring volunteers encounter blood, sweat and fears at the hands of the baddest rogue trader of them all, Berti Boyle!

Dead Centre Bite Sized – survivors of the zombie apocalypse, together with their hapless Security Guard – must run for their lives. As well as escape a zombie infested Shopping Mall!

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60+ Minutes


1-100+ Participants